Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gaming Night! (Nids vs Chaos + Circle vs. Menoth)

So kind of a perfect gaming night really. Got a game of 40k AND a game of Hordes. How's THAT for a balanced gaming diet?!

40k Game was against Chaos Space Marines. He had 2 Daemon Princes with wings, 6 ten man CSM squads with special weapons and Lascannons (on foot) and 3 Tri-Las Predators with Daemonic Possession.

So - some not quite great choices, but still 15 Lascannons are 15 Lascannons.

We rolled Annihilation (Groan) and Dawn of War (Double Groan!)

I made the mistake of not deploying my Genestealers during the first turn. I was worried they would get shot apart but really - night fighting and with only two of his squads on the table, I think they would have been fine. So they rolled on the board with the rest of the swarm at the bottom of turn one. Nightfighting meant we both stared across 36 inches of open board at each other like idiots for a turn.

Did I mention that I HATE Dawn of War? 6th Edition, please just put that deployment out of its (and our) misery.

Anyways, things started to get interesting on turn 2. Apparently a full line of Hive Guard and Zoanthropes in front of a Carnifex sized MC isn't enough to give it cover. -_- I let that one slide and one of my Tervigons went down to 2 wounds on the first turn. Thankfully he quickly realized that my 'Team Zoanthrope' was the bigger threat after I Onslaughted them forward and blew the turret off a Predator he had thought was safe and they started taking most of that firepower from that point on. So the Tervigon just cruised around with his 2 remaining wounds for the rest of the game.

My Genestealers once again proved invaluable. On the third turn they reached melee and, while they died, they took a Daemon Prince down to one wound, destroyed most of two full squads, and engaged two more squads who were counter-assaulting to save the day. Job well done boys.

Zoanthropes and Hive Guard took one Prince down to one wound, while Termagants finished off the second (har har).

I split off my Primes to charge a full CSM squad which was about 4 inches away but rolled a 1, 1 and 2 for my move through cover. Way to fail, assholes. Oh, and ANOTHER thing - I have yet to regenerate ONE fucking wound... EVER in a game. I think I have probably rolled well over 30 regen rolls so far, I rolled 8 tonight. Nothing.

Anyways, at the end of the fourth my opponent had to run to catch a bus but I had only lost my Genestealers and one of my Primes and was about to finish off his second Prince and he had only three full CSM squads and 2 fully active Predators left. I feel confident I could have carried the game.

While my opponent's list was not optimized I still gained valuable experience from running my army, and still feel that my list is just about perfect for my taste. The only continuing debate is between 12 Genestealers with Toxins or 15 without. I see merit to both arguments, it's really a tough call for me. Tonight I ran with Toxins. They were nice, but not game changing. They did help against the Prince, for sure.

Anyways, I also played my Circle of Orboros against an infantry heavy Menoth list. My feat turn got pretty much wasted because I was denied the use of Dog Pile against his Warjacks by some stupid prayer ability. Luckily I was able to seal the deal when I dropped a boosted Pow 14 Spray on his caster who was sitting on only one focus and took him down to one box. I then used my Druids to Force Bolt models out of the way to create a "landing pad" and used my Shifting Stones to teleport my Feral Warpwolf right next to his caster and om nom nom'd him to death. Win to Circle!

So... that was my Saturday night... what did you guys get up to?