Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hobby Progress: Assembling Grey Knights

Just spent a few hours watching a movie with my wife and assembling my Counts As Grey Knights.

Paladin Squad is complete.
3 of the Psycannon guys are complete.
I have some ideas for my teleporters, a slight modification on regular Grey Knight teleporters.

I need to get a load of bits from my buddy who has enough extra to choke a donkey after building his army. I'm really impressed by the Grey Knight box - they actually come with the bits you need to build the army you want.

Shocking, I know.

Anyways, Atreides from Sons of Sanguinius gave me a good suggestion for a minor tweak which I'm going to end up following. In the end it would be silly not to have two more Psycannons available, Master Crafted ones at that.

Here's the slightly tweaked list. Should be assembled and ready for table time within a week.

Lord Draigo

Paladins x 5, Master Crafted Psycannon x 2, Halberd x 2, Daemonhammer x 1
Strike Squad x 10, Psycannon x 2, Psybolts, Rhino
Strike Squad x 10, Psycannon x 2, Psybolts, Rhino

Interceptor Squad x 10, Psycannon x 2, Psybolts

Land Raider Crusader, Multimelta, Psybolts
Dreadnought, TL Autocannons x 2, Psybolts
Dreadnought, TL Autocannons x 2, Psybolts

Depending upon mission, opponent, and whether I have first turn, the D3 rules would probably be Scouting first one Rhino, then a second Rhino, and finally the Interceptors. The Land Raider can move 12" first turn and still fire it's assault cannon, and the Terminators can bail out and fire to full effect. That means I can potentially have the entire army sitting at the mid-line firing to full effect on the first turn which is 36 S7 Rending Shots and 8 TL S8 shots. Not terrible. Later turns will see the Crusader pivoting around and lending firepower as needed, or delivering Draigo on a juicy target. All depends on mission and opponent.