Monday, October 17, 2011

Facepalm... People Who Are Bad At Maths...

Just taking a few minutes to cruise the almighty interwebz looking for rumors about Necrons. Yes, I am a consumer whore. Fuck off.

I was this excited about Nids, and will be this excited about Chaos and Dark Angels too.

Anyways, I stumbled across this little gem.

I've never felt that Mercer was a bad sort. He might be, but from my position as someone peripherally aware of him I never developed a dislike for the guy.

But this is just dumb.

"Oh my god they have to roll a six to pen a Chimera they must be bad."

Just... idiotic.

First of all, the only weapon that's really any better than the Psycannon is a meltagun within 6." And then you are standing 6" away from whatever asshole was in that tank. So to be fair we should only compare a Psycannon to guns that can shoot at LEAST 24," correct?

So let's see, a Psycannon against a Chimera, since that's apparently what "ruins" Psycannons. And yes, I'm using a 4 shot group here because for the most part that's what I know I'm going to be shooting for one reason or another.

Versus AV 12
Psycannon chance to kill: 14%
Multimelta (out of meltarange) chance to kill: 12.8%
Cyclone Launcher (two shots) chance to kill: 14.13%
Lascannon chance to kill: 11%

So... if a Psycannon isn't anti-tank... then what the hell is, exactly? Note that these numbers are against AV 12, a value that the Psycannon is LEAST effective/efficient against (because it "wastes" the Rending) but ALSO remember that destroyed results don't tell you the whole picture. Strength 7 can glance AV 12 on a roll of a 5, meaning that you are also going to be suppressing the shit out of that target.

And let's not forget that against AV 11 a four shot Psycannon does a far superior job to those other tools:

Versus AV 11
Psycannon chance to kill: 26.5%
Multimelta (long range) chance to kill: 18.33%
Cyclone Launcher (two shots) chance to kill: 20.8%
Lascannon chance to kill: 14.68%

So what's the moral here, other than that lascannons are overcosted pieces of crap? Psycannons are a great anti-tank weapon. They are an even better suppression weapon. Now, will half-range melta weapons do a better job at killing, well, ANYTHING than a Psycannon? Of course. I talked about this at length here (I actually really liked that article, go read it. Now).

But saying that a Psycannon is not anti-tank is just... silly.

Oh, and if you found this in the slightest way interesting please check out my other articles on probabilities where I spent more time and effort at explaining the proper way to apply mathhammer.