Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Just Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

 Hey! It's been a long time. How are you?

"100101001 10110 1010101 101010101 111100 101011001 001"

Well, I've been doing pretty good, ya know? I've been seeing a few different people. Loganwing. Dark Angels. Grey Knights. Just trying to mix it up a bit.

"10001010010101001101 101001 101010101010..."

Yes, I know they are all Space Marines. But you know, at some point a guy has to stop pretending and just, ya know, go with what makes sense!

"10101010 1010110?"

Well, I was pretty steady with Loganwing for a while. We went to a few GTs. Did pretty well too.

"101010 101010 1010?"

Yeah, ok, I admit it. I sometimes get tired of 3+ armor and meltaguns. But, well, it works for me, you know? I need someone that I can rely on. Someone that isn't just good for a weekend, but that I can stick with for the long haul. Paint up, take to tournaments, maybe buy a nice little carrying case with a white picket fence.

"110101010 101010110 101010101 10. 11010 101 110 1 11 101001 10110101 1010 01100010..."

No! You don't have the right to lecture me! You left me remember? There I was, just a kid when we met, full of hopes and dreams. And you had to go and become the worst army in the game! Who's fault is that? Not mine!

"...1100 101001..."


...I'm sorry too. Just... forget about it. It's in the past.

... *awkward pause*

"...1010 101010 1010?"

Yeah, I heard you were getting a new dex.

"1010010 110011 101010100 1101001?"

No, I haven't really been following the rumors. I mean... I just can't let myself get worked about about that stuff anymore. I've been burned before, and the rumors are all bullshit anyways. ... I just... I don't know if I can trust a Xenos codex again. I was so excited for Tyranids... and I tried so hard to make it work...

"10110 10101010 110101010 100101100, 1010101 101010 110 101001010 110 1010011110 1?"

Yeah, they're on my shelf.

*another awkward pause*

"11010 101010, 101010 10 10100 101010 1001?"

Heh, of course I remember. How could I forget? I mean, you WERE my first army. I remember the first time I saw you, you weren't even really a dex yet. There you were in your shiny White Dwarf publication, with a few boxes of models and that's it really.

We were both so young...

"10101 1010100 10101010 1010101 101010 00110."

Yeah, I saw the pictures.  You... you look great, I'm not going to lie. But I can't just be happy with looks anymore. I need a dex to be able to PERFORM.

"101000 10101 0101010 10110101. 101010 101 10111 10101 1 101 01 00 101010010 1010101 10001010 101010 11010 10010001 10011 100101 101110 1010."

Really!?!? That sounds really overpowered. But... damn.

I... I... Can't fight it anymore! Who am I kidding! I don't want to make Egyptian themed Chaos marines! It was you. It was you all along!

*kissy sounds, disturbing images, fade to black*


Luv, Purgy.

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