Saturday, October 22, 2011

Timmah Says Hello... Long Time No Chat

Hey Purgatus,

Hey its Timmah, old ytth writer/reader.  I sadly just found your blog.

The good news is I've read a lot of your stuff in the past back when
you were writing for YTTH.

So I was going to toss you a link over at my new blog
(  I figured I would say hey and just let you

I am working on building it into a full blown tournament site,
BOLSesque, but better in the near future.

I might be looking for guest authors soon and figured I would find out

if that might interest you at all.  I am not really looking for a
commitment right now but just seeing if some of the better bloggers
would have any interest in something like that.

Alright, well, thanks for your time.
Hey Timmah. Sadly, I am extremely pressed for time at the moment. And even if I weren't, I've turned down more than a few offers to guest author on different sites. I just don't like working on someone else's schedule for what is, for me, a past time. I have been working like a dog all weekend on grad school, and then back to the salt mines at 6 am Monday morning.

I am happy to throw out a link to your site though.

Check it out.

BOLS-esque... well anything should be better than that place. I've personally been enjoying Faeit 212 for my rumor mill needs, and for tactical articles and such... I could get better tactical advice from my 2 year old than I get on BoLS. But I certainly wish you luck. Maybe we could start a "used to write for Stelek" blog ring? :D