Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yes It's Gaming Night, And the Feeling's Right...

...well since my Deathwatch session is canceled this week, I get to go roll some dice instead.

Last time I got the chance to go gaming, I was pretty disappointed by the turnout. I did get a game in, but only after some searching. (It was a good game too, Dante!).

Anyways, I'm coming prepared this time. I am loaded for bear with THREE gaming systems supported:

Warhammer 40k:
-Space Wolves
-Grey Knights

Warhammer Fantasy:

-Circle of Orboros

That's right, I'm GONNA get my game on, no matter what!

I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, I finally fixed my problem with the ads. Kind of bummed since the time period they were broken had some of my highest traffic EVAR. Oh well. It's not like, a huge money-maker or anything, but it all goes towards hobby. My advice is every blogger should have them. As we all visit each other's blogs we generate revenue which we can all use to buy little plastic man dolls. Think of it as supporting the hobby writ large.

If one corporate master is going to give us the shaft (DAMN YOU GW!!!) then we can get some other corporate masters to pay us a few bucks.

My .02.