Sunday, August 14, 2011

Only YOU Can Prevent Spousal Abuse... not playing your wife in any game ever. She just beat my ASS at Risk. I mean, it was brutal. Sheesh.

If only my ten year old hadn't broken our non-aggression agreement, I could have had her...


I'm never going to teach my wife to play 40k. Ever.

She already told me she digs the Dark Eldar models. I can just see her picking random armies because "they look cool" and just smoking me senseless. I'll come home with my RTT trophy and then my wife will just hand me my ass.

Ah well.

Family game night is a truly awesome thing. Can't recommend it enough. I'm trying to branch into the "slightly nerdy" games, so maybe Settlers of Cataan, etc. I've had Carcassonne recommended as well.

Any suggestions for good nerdy games that are fun for only "semi" nerdy types like my wife and ten year old daughter?