Monday, March 19, 2012

Flames of War - British 7th Armoured vs German Infantry, Quick Recaps

So, I had some excellent learning opportunities provided to me by DylanGould.

I brought out my 1575 list, which is:

2 HQ Cromwells
3 Cromwells, Firefly VC
3 Cromwells, Firefly VC
3 Cromwells, Firefly VC
3 Recce Stuarts
8 x 25 Pound Artillery and the fixin's.
Aerial Observation Post (AoP)

I did take some photos, which I will try to post up at some point. Suffice to say I put my hand into the wood chipper on the first game, and on the second game I almost couldn't have lost because of the mission and his army, and I did in fact "win." Both games were great learning experiences with my army and taught me to respect Pioneers in a serious way. Seriously, these guys in buildings are just ridiculous.

I learned that my army is a hammer, but it's a small hammer which must be applied precisely onto a previously stressed and prepared position in order to win. It's not a "smash your enemy's army to bits" type of a hammer. And that's ok.

It also makes me want to try my hand at infantry. It's always a good sign when playing the game makes you want to try new things, get new armies, etc.