Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taking a Break/Taking a Breath

I am succumbing to the temptation to just "wait and see" what the near future brings.

I have been aware of the 6th edition rumors, and the latest release schedule scuttlebutt indicates that Dark Angels may be just around the corner.

I have been playing with my Dark Angels successor chapter (Guardians of the Covenant) for several years now. They have hit the field as Vanilla Marines (Bikes and Terminators/Land Raiders... probably still my favorite army), and as Grey Knights, but sadly never as actual Dark Angels. Largely this is because I just found the codex to be extremely uninteresting, but the fluff and feel, the "theme" of the Dark Angels has always been EXTREMELY interesting.

So instead of committing a bunch of time and effort into building my dudes into Grey Knight wannabes, I'm probably just going to focus any hobby time I get on my Nids, and see how the new codex looks if/when it comes.

And then of course everyone can say what a bandwagoner I am. And I will tell them to fuck off. ;D

Anyways, I understand why GW keeps their release schedule a secret, especially big releases like an edition change. It has a huge impact on people's enthusiasm for the game. Everyone seems to have gone into a holding pattern (online anyways).

We'll just have to see how it all goes.