Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are Cryptek's "Cost Effective?"

Buemmschaf said:

- The 'court wizards' aren't that cheap to begin with. Compare it to a Long Fang (most points-effective Missile Launcher I can see), which cost 40 pts for 1 (cos you need to take a Pack Leader) and 25 for each past that. So at 2 ML, you are already more cost effective than the Cryptek.

They are actually pretty cost effective in my opinion. Comparing them to Longfangs is not necessarily the right comparison. Long Fangs don't have AP 2 missiles, cannot move and shoot, and don't get to hang out in an army that can reduce the armor value of enemy vehicles (at range, if you build for it).

I compare their cost most directly to a Cyclone-equipped Wolf Guard, which clocks in at 18 + 15 + 30 = 63 points for two shots, whereas the Cryptek is 35 for one. But the Wolf Guard terminator pays more for their ablative wounds, doesn't have AP 2, and a variety of other factors (and, in the Wolf Guard's favor, the Cryptek's don't get a blast option).

In the end, I think just looking at absolute points costs across codices is a fools errand. Points "efficiency" is only useful for comparing one unit to another unit within the same codice which are designed to do the same job. It's only this kind of "apples to apples" comparison that gives you anything meaningful. It's interesting to do it, but not really useful, and can obscure the truth about a unit by making you think it's "too expensive" without looking at it within the context of the entire army.