Friday, November 11, 2011

Ghost Ark Gunboat?

So, still musing through the Necron dex.

I noted that there might be an opportunity for some "ride jacking."

The Ghost Ark struck me as a bit unimpressive on its own. It's AV 13, sure. But the high AV isn't that useful if nothing ever shoots at it. You have to at least be a target for 115 points. And really who would shoot at the Arks before killing everything else first?

The Warrior regeneration ability is cute, but probably not enough to pay the 115 points for.

The Ghost Ark is open topped, which most will probably see as a liability, but it also has its benefits. We can assault out of a moving Ghost Ark, and we can also freely shoot from it. The first option is not as exciting, as we can't get any of the actual assault units into the vehicle. You could in theory have a Phaeron allow some warriors to rapid fire and assault something out of it. Not that impressive really.

But shooting out of it is certainly an option. And hopefully something a little stronger than Gauss rifles.

So if you purchase two Overlords you could potentially buy 10 Destruction Crypteks. They are basically 35 point missile launchers at that point, that also really piss off Paladins (AP 2... hurray!). You can also if you wish get 2 solar pulses.

So you have these 10 Crypteks. You could split out up to three from each unit to go with your troops and give them a move and shoot heavy weapon. Not a bad option. But you would then be left with two very vulnerable Crypteks. Well, sticking those two two man units into empty Ghost Arks would allow those vehicles to at least provide an anti-vehicle threat, would keep the Crypteks safe inside an AV 13 shells, and generally might not be that bad of an idea.

You could keep more Crypteks in the unit, up to all five really, but that's your call.

Just another tool in the toolbag. Still thinking all of this through.

Also, does anyone have any idea why the Night Scythe was given the Aerial Assault rule? It only has one gun so far as I can see. That bothers me.

Also troubling me is the Spyder fabricator claw counting as a close combat weapon. Is that an "additional" close combat weapon providing an extra attack? Do they not have close combat weapons without the claw?

Anyways, enough of my bullshit. Night all.