Sunday, November 6, 2011

Necrons - First Impression

Ok, so having read through the book a couple of times, I have a few thoughts.

First, the Doom Scythes combined with Imotekh are "obvious" and will cause much whining. The thing is, the two Doom Scythes will probably wreck a couple of Razorbacks each and then die promptly. Not a "bad" thing per se. But unless your opponent is terrible (possible) or you routinely roll triple sixes (suspicious), these aren't going to "wreck your shit." Still, they are neato-whizz-bang cool and have a neat mechanic. I like neat new mechanics. Makes me happy that the boys in Nottingham still have some creativity left.

Now, while a little less "whizz-bang," I think that the Tomb Stalker is going to be a work-horse of awesomeness. This thing is just a high value addition to the army, IMO. Two Multimeltas which can also fire as a Heavy Flamer? Sign me up. AV 13? Move through cover? I can dig it. But the Targeting Relay is the real icing on the cake. Hit a Land Raider but don't manage to knock it out with two Multimelta shots? How about shooting it with two more TWIN LINKED Multimelta shots from the next Stalker (you brought more than one, right?). Or maybe you want to wreak some havoc on an infantry unit? Twin linked shots from Tesla weapons ought to do the trick. It's a nice unit that pulls its own weight and adds some nice synergy with other units. Purgatus approved.

The Annihilation Doomsday barge seems problematic, as I mentioned in my initial thoughts based upon rumors. I would pass, personally. Open topped, can't move and shoot if you want it to be effective, and even then it's not that impressive against vehicles.

So the Lychguard. These guys are kind of strange. There are no real assault transport options to allow them to get into a parking lot. The Dispersion shields are not "terrible" but have kind of a strange working. You can "reflect" shots "if this save is made against a shooting attack." Well, I note the rules which state that you always have to take the best possible save and see that the shield save will only ever have a chance to reflect AP 1, 2 or 3 weapons. Which aren't blasts. At an enemy unit within 6". Does this scenario occur in GW land? SO I dump out my honor guard 5" away with their load-out of four plasmaguns (because it's GW land, remember) and shoot you with 8 shots and promptly kill several of my own guys. I see that happening... never, really.

More thoughts to come. I do note that the Command Barge is open topped so theoretically you could assault your Overlord out of it which is an interesting option. We'll see as we go along.