Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sheesh... What a Weekend

Was home sick Thursday and Friday (really sick, not "I want a long weekend" sick) but caught it early enough and got meds so I could go to an out-of-town wedding as a groomsman from Friday through this morning. Got back, and my wife had to immediately leave for her baby shower (we are expecting a son in November). So I've been hanging out with the girls at home while the wife unit does her thang.

So no posts. But my last post seems to have sparked some very interesting discussion that I would like to riff off of in the future. I also owe you guys three more sections (Fast Attack, Heavy Support, and Putting it All Together) for the Loganwing guide.

I have been painting though, on my Tyranids. Even if they end up being "just" a hobby army, they will be a kickass hobby army. And that's cool. Plus people really enjoy playing against Tyranids, lol.