Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fitness Goals... This One's For You, Nike

Nikephoros is one of my favorite bloggers, even if we sometimes disagree. One thing that I like is the fact that he occasionally branches out from pure 40k and talks about nutrition and fitness. Interestingly enough, I randomly checked his blog as I was posting his link and he even talks about nutrition a bit in today's post!

In any case, Nike is a cyclist and a believer in clean eating habits. This might seem to be totally unrelated to 40k, but it's really not. Everything in life must be approached in balance, and too much nerdy activities and not enough physical activity can have a negative impact on you. Likewise, not enough physical activity can even have a negative impact on your nerdy activities!

Being in good shape, eating healthy and getting enough sleep are all helpful things when approaching a challenging mental task like 40k. It can be especially important when playing a long series of games over a few days.

Anyways, I used to be in great shape, but these days I'm carrying some extra pounds. I'm working on trying to change that, however. In the last several months I had managed to drop about 12 pounds but then plateaued.  But since my personal trainer put me on a new nutrition plan (that's just a more manly way of saying I'm on a diet), two weeks ago I've lost another 6 and a half pounds while maintaining all my muscle mass.

I am pretty thrilled.

Anyways, just keeping myself accountable to all my internets buddies and IRL friends who read this.