Friday, September 23, 2011

One codex to rule them all...?

We have been having an interesting discussion locally, and I wanted to get your, the internet'z, take on the matter.

One of our locals believes that Blood Angels codex is 'obviously' the best.

On other parts of the interwebs, people will tell you that Space Wolves are the hands down champions.

Still others bemoan the horribly overpowered Imperial Guard.

And of course you have the codex creep crowd (I generally just call them "creepers," heh) who firmly believe that Grey Knights are "obviously" better than any codex released before (and believe that the next codex will be better still).

So tell me, internetz, in all your wisdom... which codex is "the best." I'm not talking about personal preference here, I'm talking about objectively speaking, which codex has the best tools and builds to win games consistently. No other criteria.

Personally, I would be hard pressed to determine which codex is the most powerful. I think most of the 5th edition codexes are really quite balanced. I even believe Dark Eldar are up there with the Spesh Mareenz. Nids kind of suck in their own way, but even they can give people a run for their money if built and played carefully. But I consider them to be a fluke.

Anyways, tell me what you think.