Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kromac List Idea - Circle Orboros 35 Points

I'm not really well versed on Warmahordes "net lists" per se, so this may just be painfully obvious to lots of folks already.

But if I was going to branch out into Kromac, I think I would try this at 35:

Kromac the Ravenous
Warpwolf Stalker
Warpwolf Stalker
Tharn Bloodtrackers x 6
-Nuala the Huntress
Warpborn Skinwalkers x 5

Lots of nice targets for Kromac's upkeeps and you can upkeep cycle between the two Stalkers for some pretty ridiculous shenanigans. You've got the Gorax available for when you need to throw the Stalkers at some hard targets with P+S 20 hits and MAT 8 (and possibly with boosted to hit rolls).

Tharn Bloodtrackers can help you get your Warpaths off before the Stalkers activate (or afterwards really) instead of relying on their own kills to do it for you.

The Skinwalkers can run around with 20 Armor while engaged and just be a wall for your Stalkers to bounce behind.

Seems like fun, seems solid. Thoughts?