Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Plan...?

I really like my Tyranids. Call me crazy. Call me stupid. Call me an truly incorrigible asshole (thanks

I just picked up my SEVENTH Hive Guard in metal, and I was on the lookout for two more.

I have 40 Gargoyles. 40 Genestealers. A Gallon ziplock baggie of Termagants.

I have converted 2 T-Fexes and 2 Tervigons. I made them as big as possible with the pieces I had. I never actually "finished" the Tervigons though, because I just didn't feel up to the challenge of sculpting the egg sac. I kept thinking about it, but never did it.

Well, my initial rage/irritation/dismay aside, this situation might be salvagable. It's really going to take an in-person look at the new kits to see if it's feasible, but at this point it seems possible.

Purchase TWO of the new T-Fex/Tervigon kits. Strip them down to the hubcaps. Rebuild/Upscale all four of my MCs.

It's possible, I think.

Worse... it kind of sounds like fun.