Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Nid Models... Why Do I Have to Be So Right...?

SO, a little over a year ago, I heard a little rumor that there was going to be a new wave of Tyranid models coming out.

Tervigons, Tyrannofexes, Harpies.

Well, the rumor mill had the basics right, but the timing was WAY off.

But back then, I talked a bit about my concerns about the "official" models being released. I was specifically worried that they would be SUPERGIGANTOHUMONGOUS. Because that would immediately invalidate all Tyranid players who had been playing the game for, oh, the last two years.

I had hoped, nay, prayed, that the models would be of a similar size to the Carnifexes, which were the only kits that players could reasonably base their conversions on for, again, over two years (less at the time, but you get the point).


So now we are supposed to cheerfully trot out and spend $200.00 to make our armies legal again, for a codex that for anyone still playing is a labor of love anyways?

Even if the models were being given out free, their increased size just makes them even more fucktartedly difficult to play with. Oops, no more Hive Guard cover wall for you, m'boy.

You want to put me on an Apocalypse base? Fine, give me 8 wounds, +3 to saves versus Jaws of the World Wolf, and Regen for free. Then we'll talk.

I mean, honestly, the idea that Jaws of the World Wolf could swallow a Tervigon when it's bigger than a fucking Land Raider is just stupid. 

Christ on a cracker. Just stupid.

The Nids community, in all honesty, would have been much better off if they hadn't released this kit AT ALL. Just let us have our conversions. We spent enough fucking time on them.


I'm now going to go back to my corner, where I will not be playing, not be painting, and in general not be excited about 40k.