Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Adsense Account has been Terminated

Sad day. I think I probably shouldn't have encouraged people to click on ads on my birthday. I have lost all the revenue I made on that day, and all the revenue I had earned up till that point - almost an entire year's effort gone.
I submitted an appeal, but I doubt they will award it. Apparently some of you guys were very enthusiastic about clicking ads...

In any case, I recently read this little snippet from Thoreau which perfectly encapsulates this situation: he talks about "a greediness which defeats its own ends." From ecological choices, to corporate decision making, to Purgatus the foolish ad dude, how perfectly does this quote apply?

I feel pretty silly. I had made almost enough, throughout my entire blog's lifetime, to pay for a new army or support a trip to the NOVA. And now it's all gone.