Friday, October 28, 2011

150,000 Page Views, Plus Necrons!

Ok, well, I have suffered a few setbacks recently, but let's not let a few foolish missteps hold us back, shall we?

I recently hit 150,000 page views. This kind of blows my mind, to be perfectly honest. To think that that many eyes have been on my site (or that people would spend so LONG looking at my site) is truly amazing.

I just want to say how much I appreciate all the support I get from you guys. Blogging for me isn't really about being up on a pedestal in front of an audience, it's about joining an entire community of people, all of whom have our own unique views and a place to voice them. The level of discourse found on blogs is generally so much higher than on a typical forum, and I really enjoy that.

Anyways, I have been looking at the Necron information that's now "officially" out on the Games Workshop site. You can see the new models here.

We've all seen the photos by now. But I find it really interesting to read the descriptions that GW gives to their creations.

Here's a few interesting excerpts:

Ghost Ark/Doomsday Ark
"This kit comes with one two small flying stems, one large flying base and two Necron transfer sheets."
So... editing is NOT a priority. Gotcha. Suddenly it all makes sense... Also interesting that it comes with two different sized stems. I know a lot of kits do, but it's just... interesting.

"Unlike the Ghost Ark, it has a massive doomsday cannon (bwahahahahaha!). This gun really is as good as it sounds, putting out a not-so-subtle Strength 9 AP 1 Large Blast if the Doomsday Ark doesn't move - ideal for taking the starch out of some Terminators, or slagging down an enemy tank."

Yes. So I get one gun, which has a profile slightly better than a Lascannon against vehicles... IF I don't move. Gotcha. Pass. I mean, I knew this was probably going to be a poor unit, but reading these over the top descriptions just make me laugh.

From the Necron Annihilation Barge:

"The Annihilation Barge is nothing less than a massive gun platform, and when the massive gun in question is a tesla destructor, that's no bad thing. As with all tesla weapons, the destructor scores two extra hits every time it rolls a 6 To Hit, which can quickly turn a troublesome volley into a unit-obliterating salvo. Where the tesla destructor really shines however, is when you fire it into a clump of enemies - after the first shot is resolved, the lightning bolts have a chance of arcing through any other nearby units. This does include friendly units, mind, so pick your initial target with care..."

Ok, fair enough. This description actually seems pretty legit. What I found interesting was the clarification at the end that it includes friendly units. I wonder whether the actual rule is written that clearly. If not, can we count the product description as an FAQ? I mean, it's technically no more official than the FAQ anyways... ;D

From the Flayed Ones:

"Mat Ward from Games Development says:
Flayed Ones are your berserker combat troops. With 4 Attacks each on the charge, your opponent simply can't afford to ignore them. Whilst you'll not often want to Deep Strike your Flayed Ones, you'll almost always want to Infiltrate them close by a suitably vulnerable unit of heavy weapons troopers. With careful positioning, you can keep your Flayed Ones out of the line of fire, and their 4+ armour save and Reanimation Protocols should prevent most of the damage from the shots that do get through. After that, it's a simple matter of loosing your Flayed Ones into the fray and laughing manically..."
Ok, fair enough. Necron's with pseudo Genestealers does seem like it would be somewhat usefu... HOLY SHIT $45.00 for FIVE MODELS!

But wait, there's more:

"This box contains five Necron Flayed Ones. These models are finely detailed resin cast miniatures."
No. I refuse to pay $50 for five TERMINATORS. What makes you think I would pay that much (in real dollars) for a unit like that? Plus, out of all of the new Necron models, these are the only ones that I think look bad. Not just a little bad. Terrible bad.

From the Monolith:

Mat Ward from Games Development says:
The Monolith has long been a much-feared opponent, and now it's deadlier than ever. Whilst it's tempting to deploy the Monolith at the start of the game, it's almost always wiser to keep it in reserve - that way you can Deep Strike it onto an enemy-held objective. Once the Monolith has scoured the foe from the immediate area (try and eliminate melta weapons first - they can be a real problem) you can then use its eternity gate to teleport in a suitable scoring unit and take the objective for yourself. When the enemy counter attacks, simply switch the eternity gate into its portal of exile mode, and suck the primitives to their doom!"

Thanks for the tip Mat. We all know what excellent tacticians you lot at Nottingham are. What, what, cheerio.

Anyways, just bored and thought I'd share some random musings. I'm looking forward to reading through the Dex so I can get a real sense of what I might want from the army. But if that includes Flayed ones... pro tip- I can make Flayed flesh out of Green stuff that looks just as good as GWs, and my Warriors don't cost $9.00 per each.

I seriously suspect that they recognized those models were so bad they decided not to make plastic molds for them, and that's why they are in resin and so expensive. Or not, I don't know. But they are terrible.