Friday, May 4, 2012

Heading to TSHFT Invitational

My bags are packed... I'm ready to go... Leaving... in a Hyundai... I'm pretty sure that I'll be back by Sunday...

Yeah, I'm pretty poetic. Anyways, I've earned a spot at this year's The Seattle Heart of Fire Tournament (TSHFT) Invitational. So I'm throwing caution to the wind and going to a GT instead of studying for my midterms. Hooray!

To show just how "unplugged" from gaming I have become, I spent the evening today gathering my crap for the tournament. I couldn't find my codex for like 45 minutes, I was missing several minis, and... I can't find my dice.

Like, at all.

I got so desperate that I had to raid my old RPG dice bag for all the odd colored, mismatched D6's I could find.

How embarrassing.

I also can't find my Tac Template, which is just really really shitty. Playing a foot army without a Tac Template is just asking for trouble. Ugh.

Anyways, I'm heading out early tomorrow morning. I'll try to post the results up here for you guys, along with some photos if I can.

My army list tomorrow, for those who care:

 Logan Grimnar

Rune Priest, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane

Lone Wolf, Terminator, Storm Shield, Chainfist
 Lone Wolf, Terminator, Storm Shield, Chainfist
Wolf Scouts x 5, Meltagun

Wolf Guard x 10, Terminator x 2 w/Cyclones and Chainfists, Arjac Rockfist, Power Armor w/Combimelta and Wolf Claw
Wolf Guard x 5, Terminator x 1 w/Cyclone
Wolf Guard x 5, Terminator x 1 w/Cyclone
Wolf Guard x 5, Terminator x 1 w/Cyclone
Wolf Guard x 5, Terminator x 1 w/Cyclone

Longfangs x 2 w/Lascannons, Packleader
Longfangs x 2 w/Lascannons, Packleader
Longfangs x 4 w/Multimeltas, Packleader, Drop Pod

2000 Points

Doesn't look like much, but... well maybe it's just not much. Lol.

 There's a few ways it could be improved, but it's painted perty and that's important. I'm waiting till sixth to do anything new. Arjac rides with the Loganbomb Longfangs in the Drop Pod, and the Combimelta/Wolf Claw goes with the scouts. The remaining eight man unit along with the Rune Priest are my midfielders, supported by two smaller five man units and the Lone Wolves. The two units in the backfield give up a Wolf Guard each to the Longfang units (which should be missiles but I have Lascannons painted so bite me) to make them not totally die to a gentle breeze. And then Logan's unit comes in and hopefully just causes a ruckus. They usually do.

I'm excited to try out Arjac for the first time (giggle).

Later gents.