Saturday, December 10, 2011

Display Board Idea

Well, since my new army is going to have 10-11 vehicles in it, I'm sure there are some that will not enjoy playing against it.

Well, why fight the hate? Embrace it I say.

So I'm thinking my display board is going to be a parking lot.

Like, an actual parking lot. Black Asphalt, yellow paint, etc.

A little label on the edge "welcome to the vehicle pool."

I'm not sure whether it will disarm some that might otherwise be upset, or further upset them. Lol.

Not that it's my number one priority (I'm hopeful that for the most part I will be playing against like-minded and similarly capable armies in any tourney I attend) - it is something I at least think about.

I probably won't do it - but it was kind of an amusing thought.