Monday, November 7, 2011

Lychguard - How I both love and loathe thee

I have been looking at the Lychguard hard.

I really really love this unit.


It hits all my buttons. I especially like the setup with the hyperphase swords and dispersion shields. They look... right. I even like the Warscythe setup. I think these guys were supposed to be the Ushabti equivalent in some ways.

They work. Visually.

Mechanically... not so much.

I mean, they are priced "fairly." Their survivability with Dispersion fields is exactly the same as a TH/SS Terminators against Bolter fire or high Strength AP 2 fire/fists/hammers/etc. And they cost the same.

So far so good.

But how to employ them?

See, the Terminators don't really care that they strike at I1. They have Thunderhammers. It's cool, bro.

But the Necrons are going to be striking after everyone but... TH/SS Terminators. And they only have Strength 5 Power Weapons to show for it.

But the biggest kicker for me is that there seems to be no really effective ways to actually DEPLOY these jerks. I mean, TH/SS Terminators and a Land Raider go together like peas and carrots. Where is the ride for these guys? Are we expected to just trod them forward?

I thought "well maybe they can come in through a Monolith Portal." But the portal rules say the unit counts as disembarking from a moving vehicle. So even if the Monolith sat still you still can't assault out of the portal.

I'm trying here, GW. But I don't see the use for these guys. I mean, sure, if you were feeling highly motivated to take them you could. And you might kill some stuff with them every once in a while. But what's the "role" for Lychguard? Can't counter-assault. Can't go parking lot hunting with Warscythes out of a transport.

I'm not seeing it. You tell me.

One thing's for sure. The Lychguard/Praetorian box comes with five models just begging to be converted to my Crypteks since I can't see myself using either Lychguard OR Praetorians in my army and I'm sure as shit not spending 16 bucks per Cryptek.


Now, I have heard people talking about the scarcity of anti-tank in the Necrons. Well, I see quite a bit, myself. Crypteks, Stalkers, Annihilation Barges, etc. All good options. Scarabs make EVERYthing anti-tank, of course. We all know that.

But what about the flying Chainfists? I'm talking about the command barges of course. I know they are a bit pricey. But I think it's really interesting that you hit your target based upon YOUR movement, and not theirs. And the worst you can ever need is a 4+ to hit, against any target, including a fast moving vehicle. That's... neato. 3 Strength 7 with 2d6 pen attacks against rear armor is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you are always hitting on at least 4+.  I kind of like the idea of two Overlords turbo-boosting around doing drive-by whacks on Land Raiders or fast moving Wave Serpents or whatever the hell I want really. With a 24" move you might even be able to stay out of return melta-range. Or not. It's a cool thought anyways. I pictured a Lone Wolf riding around in a stolen Land Speeder with extra armor plates. Made me smile.

It also seems as though the Overlord will be able to fly over a unit at cruising speed, hit it three times with Sweep attacks (hitting on 3's), then disembark and, since the Catacomb is open topped, assault. This would allow him to produce a rather impressive number of attacks against the target in a single turn.

Nice to have options.

I'm really just enjoying reading through the book thus far. Lots of really neat options.

Anyways, good night and please feel free to let me know what you guys are thinking in the comments.