Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wings... Glorious Wings!!

So I got two sets of Balrog wings and one set of Dragon wings into my FLGS today (direct order). I have a few of the large oval bases coming in next week for my Tervigons.

Hurray! 6th Edition army in progress!

SO after looking at the wings, I think I'm going to need to actually replace the top arms with the wings, and then make each of the lower arms into a separate twin linked Devourer. This seems to be the way others have done it, and I can see why. It's just hard to squeeze wings and two arms into that tiny mounting space... plus Tyranids are only ever supposed to have six limbs. *shrug*

I'm fucking around with my unpainted Hive Tyrant first, for obvious reasons. Once I figure out how I want everything mounted, I will do the same to my painted Hive Tyrant, trying to avoid damaging the paint job as best I can.

I have shitloads of reading to do for class tonight and tomorrow, but hopefully after this weekend I can dive back into working on the army and maybe take some WIP pictures.

Till next time... stay classy, Warham nerds.